Saturday, June 20, 2009

~Hole in the Head~

Just when I start to relax, we get a hole in the head! Ugh. This whole thing has been so stressful, but I was starting to relax since his neck has stopped hurting. Unfortunately that was short lived though.

Anthony came to me the other day complaining that his head hurt under his bandage on his head, which is also located under his neck brace which causes irritation to it. Anyway, I told him to get in the shower so I could try to get the bandage off easier since it was stuck to his hair and gooped up really hard, which is what you see in the picture that is like a rainbow shape.

When Anthony was in the hospital his head was so swollen and I knew he had 2 abrasions on his head, one to lower right under his neck brace and one on top of his head which you can see in the previous pictures. So I knew it was there, but due to the swelling of his head I had no clue how deep it was and honestly I did not think twice about it. So, when I took the bandage off, I was in for HUGE and DISGUSTING surprise. The scab had softened underneath it and it turned white and chunky and looked like cottage cheese. It was so gross and I was not prepared at all for how deep that hole was. It was at least a 1/4 of an inch deep and it has now become infected:(.

I took him to the doctor and since he has such a severe head injury with the concussion and his skull fracture, his brain is trying to heal and it is susceptible to infections. The infection is spreading towards his lymph nodes, which are fighting off the infection, but they're worried that it could infect his brain :( All of this is just so hard. We have an appointment in 2 days with the Neurologist to clear his neck and he will need to have further testing to make sure his brain is healing properly and the skull fracture. In the meantime, they have put him on antibiotics and are monitoring his infection daily.

I'm also really worried about sending him to school. I mean physically and mentally he's ready to go back, but I don't know what to do because I am going to be a nervous wreck not being able to watch him all the time, because he cannot risk any more injuries. His Pediatrician has told me that he can not do any playing, riding bikes, running, skipping, falling, scooters, playgrounds, nothing. He has to have both feet on the ground AT ALL TIMES. It can mean life or death for Anthony, and I know it's going to suck for him, especially with summer just starting but oh well. We'll deal with it. The only thing that worries me is that he cannot do anything risky for at least 6 months so I am going to his school with instructions from his doctor and I am also looking into a program the school district has for persons with temporary disabilities which would assign someone to be with Anthony at all times during school which would be great! I haven't been able to find out yet but I am looking into it so I have my fingers and toes crossed for that for sure!

Anyway, Thank You Everyone for Praying for my son and please continue to pray that his infection clears quickly!

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  1. Were Still praying for you! james b.


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