Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~Welcome Home Anthony!~

Welcome Home Anthony!!!!!!!
First of all, I'd like to apologize for not updating sooner but it's definitely not as easy to Blog with 4 kids to take care of! I am just in shock, still, with Anthony's progress! He is so much stronger than I could have ever imagined.
While we were in the hospital waiting for Anthony to be able to pass off his last 2 goals of tolerating eating and drinking liquids, Anthony's motivation to get the hell out of that hospital kicked into over drive! Wednesday night Anthony ate 2 little meals and when the doctors came in Thursday morning for their morning check up, they said they were extremely happy with Anthony's progress and that he looked like a totally different kid and the were discharging him! Yayyy!!!!!!
We were thinking he'd be able to be discharged if everything went well, by Saturday, so we were really shocked that we were being discharged on Thursday. I think it was Thursday anyways, it's all kind of been a blur since the accident so I'm not sure of the actual day, but when Anthony was discharged he was sent home with a prescription of liquid Lortab. They also told me to use over the counter Motrin and Tylenol too. I decided not to tell Beto or the kids because I thought that would be a great surprise. Yeah, not so great. We walked in the front door and that stupid DCFS lady was sitting on my couch. Ugh! She looked around and talked to Anthony and Beto for a little bit and said she was closing the case.
I have to admit, I was a little scared to come home. I wasn't sure I'd be able to take care of Anthony right. The lovely nurses at Primary's showed me how to change the pads to Anthony's neck brace and also told me how to shower him so his cast would not get wet. Well, the first shower was a disaster but we all lived. Lol! He has to shower with his neck brace on and have his pads changed after, so I tried to wrap his arm up so no water could get through but it still got through. I dried him off and laid him on my bed flat to change his pads and EVERYTHING and EVERYONE got soaked between the dripping wet neck brace and the dripping wet arm cast. Oh well, the second time went much better.
Anthony has been doing really good since coming home. His eating could be better, but he is no longer taking the liquid Lortab, and is only taking the Tylenol and Motrin. Even then, he never ask for it or says he's in pain, but I give it to him anyways. He's even been interested in going outside to play but I haven't let him yet. I have let him go over to my neighbors, Jesse and Blakes' house, to play for a half an hour mostly because she is a nurse and I trust her knowledge in his injuries if something were to happen. I have also been having him wear a helmet EVERY TIME we leave the house because of his skull fracture but he doesn't seem to mind it.
Anthony has proven to be the strongest person I have ever known. I just can't believe his progress. Those first couple of days in the hospital when he would not speak to anyone, I worried that I would never have MY Anthony back and I would have to get use to a NEW Anthony, but I am ecstatic to say that I see absolutely no signs of permanent damage! Not yet anyways. We still have a long road ahead though. He still has to have more test done to see if he's had any permanent damage from all of this as well as get his arm casted and get his neck cleared so he can take his neck brace off but I am VERY hopeful that he will make a full recovery!!!!!

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