Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Please God help my son!!!!!!!!!!!!~

It was about Eleven a.m., and I was at my computer at work and my phone rang. It was my husband Beto. Unknown to me, this was a phone call that would change my life!

Beto starts talking to me and I can't really understand what he is saying because he was out of breath and yelling. He said he thought he needed to take Anthony to the doctor because he hurt his head. I asked him what happened and he said he didn't know what happened. Beto had just put Alyzea down for a nap and decided to try to sleep with her since she woke him up all night as usual. My youngest son Zander came in and woke Beto up and said, "Anthony needs help! He fell down the stairs!". Beto soon learned that he meant the from porch stairs and not our hall stairs. My son was laying on the cement driveway, wasn't moving, and was crying and moaning. Beto asked Zander if he fell out his bedroom window and Zander was afraid he would get into trouble if he told him he did so he lied.

I told Beto to give the phone to Anthony and I told him he would not be in trouble, just tell me what happened. He started to cry and and was moaning. I asked him yes or no questions because he wasn't talking. He finally said he did fall out his bedroom window.....

We just moved into this house a little over 2 weeks ago and we love it there. Anthony and Zander's bedroom is directly of above the garage and driveway on the second floor. Their bedroom window is right in between both of their beds and is exactly waist height. I was finally able to get Zander to tell me what happened. They were in their room playing video games while Beto and Alyzea napped, because it's a rule in our house that if mom or Beto are napping, every one of our kids is in the house and the door is locked. While they played in their room they pulled the blinds up in their window and when it was Zanders turn to play the video game, Anthony opened the window and sat on the window sill and fell through the screen, out the window and head first onto my cement driveway. Thank you to my guardian angel Carissa for catching my son! Carissa is my older sister who died at nine months old from Sudden Infants Death Syndrome and I believe with all my heart she saved my son along with his brave little brother Zander :)

So back to the phone call. I asked Anthony to hand the phone back to Beto and I could hear the panic in his voice, which I had never heard before. I asked him if he thought I should call 911. He said he didn't know. I told him to send me a picture of his head and here is what his head looks like now, I don't have the actual text message picture because I cannot save it to my phone, anyway here is what it looks like now......

Needless to say, I immediately called him back and told him to go next door and get the neighbor so he could assess him. My neighbor is a Salt Lake County Sheriff :) He wasn't home, but his wife was, who I've never met before, and she just happened to be a nurse:) She got to my house and told Beto, his arm is definitely broken and call 911.
I hung up and did just that. I left work and the 20 minute drive seemed like an hour. Time was standing still for me at that moment and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I got a call from the ambulance driver who asked me some routine questions and I asked him to please wait for me so I could ride with my son so he wasn't scared. He said, "ma'am, we're not waiting for you. I'm sorry, but the quickest way to Primary's is by Life Flight and they are on there way here". My heart stopped. What the hell is he talking about? Life Flight? That's only for people who are seriously hurt. I really started to panic then. I raced home to find about 15 police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks blocking my street. My new house has a park right across from my house that they were able to land in. I don't remember getting out of my car but I guess I parked it in the right place down the block from my home. I do remember running to the helicopter and running through dozens of police men and paramedics to try to get so kiss my son son good bye and tell him I love him before he left in the helicopter. They TRIED to stop me. Well, they almost tackled me but I got to him and did just that. Never underestimate the strength of a mother whose child is in harm. It was the most beautiful set of brown eyes I've ever seen. I told him, "Anthony, mommies here now. I love you, and you're going to be OK. I can't fit in the helicopter but these nice men will take care of you and I'll meet you up at the hospital OK?" He said OK mom and blinked 3 times, which is his way of trying to stop the tears. It seemed to be the longest ride of my life and thank God the police men wouldn't allow me to drive so Beto drove because I was in no shape to drive. I'm sure it was actually about 15 minutes but still, it wasn't fast enough. Anthony made it to the hospital safely and our journey began and wow, what a nightmare.........

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  1. Oh my goodness Nikki. My heart is sore for your family and Anthony. I trust his recovery is going awesome. My prayers are with all of you.


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