Monday, June 1, 2009

~Pediatric Intensive Care Unit~

Well, Beto and I arrived to Primary's right as they were finishing his Cat Scan. Bet held me as I broke down in tears from the sight of my sons head. It was a very surreal moment. One I'd like to forget. His head was huge and everything became very real. I walked next to him, holding his hand as he was wheeled in his bed to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit room 2332.
I was briefed quickly. They told me Anthony was pretty badly hurt. In my head, I guess I was in denial because I kept thinking, how is he in as bad of shape as they say if he is talking to me, if you know what I mean. They said, "your son has brain Trauma and his brain is bleeding". Suddenly, I couldn't hear anything. It was absolute silence. It was the strangest thing that I have ever felt. I started screaming, praying, and crying, and I started to have a panic attack and was given a Valium. As the noise came back, I quickly learned the extent of my sons injuries.
Anthony has a concussion, bleeding on his brain, and swelling from a skull fracture. His skull is fractured is from his forehead to the base of his neck and straight down the middle. They can't rule out spine damage at this point but I am optimistic because he is moving his legs. He has alot of bruising, a broken arm, which is in a splint until the swelling goes down so they can cast it. He has a neck brace on because they don't know if his neck is broken and he is complaining of neck pain. He has ligament damage in his neck from the fall and until they rule out a broken neck and there isn't anymore pain in his neck, he has to have the neck brace on which he hates. I love to hear him complain about his neck brace. Oddly enough, it's music to my ears :) I also have just been notified that he cracked his spleen in the fall and it's bleeding into his stomach.
At this point, all I can do is pray. Please God look after my son. I promise I will never ask for anything ever again! Just please, please take care of my son! I can't live with out him. PLEASE!?!?

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