Monday, June 1, 2009

~God has answered our prayers~

Anthony, our miracle.....
Well today was one of the best days of my life besides the birth of my children! God and my Guardian Angel Carissa, must have carried my son out of harms ways for now. Anthony has been taken out of Intensive Care Unit and into the Nueroscience Trauma Unit Room 2030, which is wonderful news! I never thought I would be so thrilled to have our own hospital room! Woohoo! The PICU nurses were GREAT and God Bless them, but man they have a hard job. Not to mention the fact that they are in your room 24/7. Which is to be expected but it makes for a very tense environment and an impossible one to sleep in. I think in 24 hours the bed on the other side of the curtain had four different trauma patients come and go. Which also brought 20 people on average per patient but I'm not complaining. I am just so thankful to those people and their love of their job!

The Cat Scan showed good improvement on his bleeding in his brain and they have cleared him from any spinal injury. He has a pretty badly broken arm that they cannot cast until the swelling goes down that is causing him pain of course but they have him on a morphine drip thankfully. I just can't stand to see my son in pain! His spleen crack/bleeding has miraculously healed itself to a "scratch". That was the PICU nurse's description anyways. He is still in a neck brace due to the neck ligament damage and pain but that's to be expected. His spine has been cleared of any damage and he can now sit up and watch TV! Look at this, he can even walk and stand to pee! Lol, isn't it beautiful?

My lil man is a fighter through and through that's for sure. He has been sick to his stomach and throwing up from the pain medication but he's dealing with that fine. I am just so proud of him and can't believe how strong he is. I Love You with all my heart Anthony!!!!! Thank you Everyone!

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  1. Nikki,
    I am so thankful Anthony is doing so well. when I heard what happened I was immediately sick to my stomach. There is something to be said about the deep love mom's have for their kids and every mom I know would cry out in grief through this. You are a strong person because of the title "Mom". You will continue to get through this with him and when you are on the other side of the healing looking back you will wonder "how did we make it?". There are two answers to that question: the simple word "Mom" and the power and strength it takes to carry that name and the grace of a wonderful , merciful savior. God is carrying you and your family through this and He will never leave you. So in your deep pain and motherly agony just know that you are "Mom" and God cares for his children.
    I am so proud of you and I can't even imagine going through this. You are such a great Mom, so go put on your Supermom cape and do what you do best!!!
    Love you!!! Becky


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