Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well yesterday was another great day. I finally found out what my neighbors name is who is the nurse that came to the house to assess Anthony. Her name is Jesse, and she came to visit with her husband and her cute little boys. I was really surprised. I am amazed at the outpouring of love and support we have received, not only from friends and family, but strangers and the new friends we have met from this experience. Marcels teacher came to visit too, but I was knocked out from exhaustion and never even heard her in the room. It was weird because when I woke up I saw 2 bags. One had food in it and a card, and the other was a bag of clothes. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever! I must have been loosing my mind because I could have sworn someone had moved in my room while I was sleeping. I finally found out from our nurse after texting all my friends to see if they came to visit while I was sleeping, that she had come to visit and didn't want to wake me. She also wanted to bring the bag of clothes to donate for my boys. Thank you guys so much. It really means alot to us that you came to visit. Anthony would like me to tell you guys Thank You and to Gavin and Vonn as well, who both brought Anthony coloring books and a balloon. Thank you from me too!

Anthony is still doing great and has improved alot. His doctors want him to try to get up today and walk around 4 times. He doesn't think he can, but he said he would try. He has also started to drink liquids, which has been going pretty well. He's only thrown up once :) He is still in alot pain and on the morphine but he's waking up more and more and watching TV :)

I told my nurse I normally don't look like a blow fish and she said don't worry about, stress makes you ugly! Huh. Well, alrighty then! Time to take a shower and put some makeup on!

Anthony was also visited by Jazzy today. Jazzy is a Therapy Dog that visits children while they are in the hospital. He was so happy. I think it's amazing what they do and what a great service! Here's a picture of him. He's really cute but kinda shaggy so you can't see his eyes.

I've also been thinking alot about Irony. I had to go to Walmart yesterday to get my baby some formula and I noticed the little sign by the credit card machine at the checkout line for donating to Primary Children's Medical Hospital. Everytime I have been asked to donate a dollar to them I have and I am so thankful I did. I will definitely be donating EVERY time I am in a Walmart checkout lane and I would just like to ask you all to do the same. They really do a great job and I am so thankful to them and their passion!

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  1. i am so relieved to hear all this good news , and i got to give a ton of credit and respect for anthonys will to recover.this little man is fighting harder than any human ive ever known , any lesser being couldnt of made it through this , including myself . i love you ant !!!! and you too nicki , youve done so great. for him , for yourself , and family . thank you


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